Welcome to Bonmots!

Dan on Jun 26th 2023

Today I am launching bonmots.com, a quote site that I've been thinking about for a decade and working on for about three years.

Bonmots is pretty simple: it's a searchable database of more than 10,000 quotes.

Each of those quotes has been carefully selected from a pool of more than 60,000 quotes from various sources. Every quote has also been confirmed authentic by our team of quote researchers, a process that requires that every quote satisfy stringent parameters to be included in our database. Finally, each quote has been tagged in up to 10 different categories (Topic, Year, Original Language, etc.) that connect the quote to other quotes with which it shares meaningful and relevant connections. These three factors together result in a collection of quotes that is more interesting, more trustworthy and easier to search than any other database or compilation of quotes on the internet or in print.

This project is equally a business idea and a labor of love.  It took a lot of time, money and effort, and I'm proud of where we are at on launch day. We will be making some final tweaks and adding additional features over the next few months, and my hope for Bonmots is that over the next few years, its superiority to the other quote sites that exist will push it up the Google rankings so that it becomes the English-speaking internet's go-to quote site.

I hope you find Bonmots useful and interesting, and if you have any feedback or suggestions, please visit our contact page to get in touch.