They say, "There is nothing but our present life; we die and we live, and nothing but Time destroys us." Of that they have no knowledge; they merely conjecture.

وَقالوا ما هِيَ إِلّا حَياتُنَا الدُّنيا نَموتُ وَنَحيا وَما يُهلِكُنا إِلَّا الدَّهرُ ۚ وَما لَهُم بِذٰلِكَ مِن عِلمٍ ۖ إِن هُم إِلّا يَظُنّونَ

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Original Citation

The Quran. c. 630, 45:24.

Current Citation

The Quran, translated by M. A. S. Abdel Haleem. Oxford University Press, 2005, ch. 45.