Even women and children and those with no aptitude for speculation can attain to a complete religion, for all men are on an equal footing as far as knowledge derived from the senses is concerned. Praised be God who in his wisdom ordered things thus.

ומי שיהיה מן הנשים או הנערים ומי שלא ידע לעיין תהיה דתו שלמה לו ומגיע אליה, כי כל בני אדם שוים במדעים החושיים, ישתבח החכם המנהיג

Saadia Gaon

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Gaon, Saadia. كتاب الأمانات والاعتقادات [The Book of Beliefs and Opinions]. c. 933, introduction.

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Gaon, Saadia. The Book of Beliefs and Opinions. Yale University Press, 1989, introduction.