We are continually dying; I while I am writing these words, you while you are reading them, others when they hear them or fail to hear them. I shall be dying when you read this, you die while I write, we both are dying, we all are dying, we are dying forever.

Continue morimur, ego dum hec scribo, tu dum leges, alii dum audient, dumque non audient, ego quoque dum hec leges moriar, tu moreris dum hec scribo, ambo morimur, omnes morimur, semper morimur.

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Petrarch. Letter to Philippe, Biship of Cavaillon. c. 1360.

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Petrarch. "To Philippe, Bishop of Cavaillon, concerning the incredible flight of time." Letters of Familiar Matters (Rerum Familiarum Libri), translated by Aldo Bernardo. Vol. 3, Italica Press, 2008.